Bamboo: Outdoor Purifier


Malaysia’s 1st Double-Layered μF Membrane System.

Bamboo POE-15A The Bamboo is also the first outdoor filterwith an all-in-one controller.

Made to protect you and your family.

Auto Timer

With a pre-set time, the Bamboo automatically flushes the filter. This is key to ensure the filtration system constantly maintains its 99.99% effectiveness in filtering viruses and bacteria.

All-in-One Controller

The Bamboo is the only outdoor filter in Malaysia equipped with a handy controller that allows easy switching between 4 modes – Bypass, Backwash, Rinse and Filter.

Alpha 7 μF Membrane System

Technologically advanced by nature, the Bamboo is the only μF Membrane in Malaysia with the high-tech 7-pore capillary feature. The surface pore size is 3000 times smaller than the diameter of the human hair.

All you need to know.

RM118 / Month

FREE 5 Years Service